Privacy and security policies

Under the security policies generally governing the UNIBAT’s electronic spaces accessible from the Internet, UNIBAT hereby states and guarantees that the Website is based on security protocols allowing the secret and confidentiality of the access codes and whatever data and information provided to UNIBAT by the Users of the Website.

Systems related to Users’ registration allow likewise the secure encryption of the data during its introduction, visualisation and traffic through the Internet. UNIBAT shall use its best endeavours to implement new versions and technological developments resulting in a greater reliability and security of the systems and the software associated to the Website’s Contents.  

UNIBAT shall not be under any liability neither for the deficiencies, irregularities or safety faults nor for the consequences of those, which may result due to:

  1. The systems or hardware used by the User to access the Website.
  2. Interferences, interruptions, delays, blockages, deficiencies, saturations or malfunctions on the telecom lines.
  3. Illegitimate interferences or security or browsing errors due to malware
  4. Misuse of the Website’s Contents.
  5. Any other arising issues which are beyond the control of UNIBAT.

UNIBAT shall not accept any liability for the external links which might be included on the website, since the content of those is beyond the control of the corporation.