UNIBAT, the leading IMS for industrial batteries in Spain, contributes to the working group on the electric vehicle hosted by the Catalan Waste Agency


On the basis of the conclusions emerged during the first meeting session of the working group on batteries for electric vehicles, held 4 July 2012, the Catalan Waste Agency (in Catalan, ARC) has been working together with the ICAEN, ACC10 and the IREC in order to define an action guideline.

A study project on the disposal of electric vehicles’ batteries has been draft by the IREC (Catalan Institute for Energy Research), which includes a work plan.

The ARC convenes the first meeting of this working group, which shall be held next Wednesday 17 July at its headquarters. UNIBAT, the leading IMS for industrial batteries in Spain, shall participate in this key encounter invited by the ARC.

UNIBAT, leader in the field of batteries’ disposal and treatment in Spain


UNIBAT, the Integrated Management System (IMS) leading the way in the industrial batteries management in Spain, has produced audited data on the collected and recycled batteries, as well as on the batteries placed on the market by its manufacturers. Its indicators for 2012 are: 7.500 tones of collected and treated batteries and 11.500 tones placed on the market. Thus the percentage of collected and treated batteries to the number of batteries entering the market was 66%. And all this was achieved using a reverse logistics system and with the implementation difficulties and related costs which this system entails.

UNIBAT continues carrying out its environmental commitment, which started only two years ago. In such a short history, the corporation has become the reference point for the batteries’ IMS in absolute terms. Regardless its youth and its recent establishment, UNIBAT uses its best endeavours to allow the compliance of the Spanish Law on batteries and accumulators and the environmental management of their waste (Real Decreto 106/2008).

In 2013 we have also prepared the ground for developing our activity in the field of portable batteries and accumulators, since we rely on a small but solid and respected group of manufacturers in this sector, which have placed their trust in our rational, efficient and operability-focused structure. Thanks to this, UNIBAT achieves its main goal: to become a tool solely oriented towards serving our manufacturers.