About us

UNIÓN DE INDUSTRIAS DE LA BATERÍA, S.L. (United Battery Industries Private Limited Company) is a non-profit corporation initiated by the main importers and manufacturers of industrial batteries in order to fulfil the goals under the 2008 Spanish Law on batteries and accumulators and the environmental management of their waste (Real Decreto 106/2008, de 1 de febrero sobre pilas y acumuladores y la gestión ambiental de sus residuos).

Our goals

UNIBAT aims to promote the establishment and operation of an Integrated Management System (IMS) for the collection and disposal of the spent electrical storage units, accumulators and batteries, in accordance with the provisions of the Real Decreto 106/2008. This includes:

Maximising the promotion of separate collection of electrical storage units, accumulators and batteries for their proper disposal and recycling in order to minimise the environmental danger their abandonment may cause.

Developing logistics flows ensuring the collection of this waste throughout the Spanish territory.

Improving, developing and funding any system of separate collection, conditioning and recuperation of electrical storage units, accumulators and batteries that ensure the minimising of this waste and its proper recycling in order to achieve the goals established by the Real Decreto 106/2008.

The design and dissemination of advertising campaigns promoting the targets of the Real Decreto.